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Salud Heroes are champions of healthy change. They are people like you—children, parents, teachers, health workers—who learn of childhood obesity, get an idea to do something about it, mobilize support, and drive policy and system changes in schools and communities.

Salud America! curates the stories of Salud Heroes through a step-by-step process of change to inspire you to make a similar change in your area.

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Institute of Health Promotion Research, MC 7729
UT Health San Antonio

Salud America / Salud Heroes



Over 10 years ago, UT Health San Antonio came to us with a vision to produce a health segment on the news that catered to Latinos and their health. “A Su Salud” was born. With the changing times and with digital content becoming more prevalent “A Su Salud” has also transformed into “Salud Heroes.”


Sprocket’s role has evolved in many ways over the years. We’ve always lead the production team in the field to provide quality lighting, camera, audio and post-production editing. We also play a huge role in generating ideas for maintaining online presence and seeing the bigger picture of how Salud Heroes is truly growing a culture of healthy living.


“Salud Heroes” is now on online health segment that spotlights people who are championing health and wellness in Latino communities all across the United States.