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Our experienced team will help you and your brand to create stories for your Business to facilitate connecting to your target audiences through expert strategy, beautiful and emotional productions that will create a bond with your product or service.

Alejandro Maya


CEO & New Business


As he stared up at the Michelangelo in Capilla 16 of the Sistine Chapel Alejandro realized that this depiction of God and Man was more than just art. It is life and life is all about relationships.

As Owner and CEO of Sprocket, his mission is to create relationships . By connecting creative people, he formed his team. With his team, he connects client needs with solutions. The solution, connects communities to culture. He works hard to instill values in his team to always do the right thing, not to cut corners, and to always go above and beyond the client’s needs.

As a husband and father of three, his relationships with his family are of utmost importance. He enjoys reading, learning, teaching, and listening. He loves the way the light hits his wife in the morning from the window in their bedroom. And he loves a full moon.

Jorge Conde


Senior Partner & Director of Design

Creative Lead
“I could never work in a non-creative environment.” Jorge’s design aesthetic is vast, spanning, from a WWII German Poster Maker to Italian and Japanese Designers. In another lifetime, he might have been an architect and is inspired by architecture like that of Legoreta. One day, he believes, the world will celebrate the unknown designers and creative thinkers, instead of athletes and pop stars.

If you’ve ever had a meeting with Jorge, there’s a good chance there’s a beautiful hand drawing of your vision in the many pages of his sketchbooks.

Jorge loves good music, delicious food, great art, travelling and says all of those things make up his beautiful wife, Sonia.

Jane Doe


Office Administrator

Administrative Conveyor
Patty Peña is the newest addition to the Sprocket Team. She has worked in the creative industry for over ___ years. Her favorite thing about working in a creative environment is watching a project evolve from an idea into something that the clients will love to share with others. Patty takes pride in keeping the office organized and following procedures to the “T.”

When she’s not at Sprocket she loves traveling, running, spending time with her daughter, and baking beautiful cakes. She loves to take time with every detail of decorating the perfect cake for every special occasion. Patty is a great new asset to the Sprocket team and we are happy to have her!



Production Director and Video Editor

First Gear

Rock star by day and by night, he has the voice to get things done. Nathan has been leading the Sprocket team for almost 20 years. He believes in very clear communication and that spills over into his technique as a Camera Man in the field and his point of view as a Video Editor. In the purity of the message lies the true impact.

Nathan likes the unexpected journey of every day life. He takes part in the simple joys of spending time with his wife Yaresi and their pets, as well as being the lead singer in multiple bands. He enjoys waking up late, eating breakfast and the anticipation of an open day.

Diana Siachoque


Senior Marketing Strategist

Design Machin

Letty Romero loves words. She believes that being clear and concise can avoid most problems. She loves the dialogue in movies and the lyrics of a song. Letty and her husband are parents to 2 dogs who take up most of their free time.

At the office, she’s inspired by customer service and teamwork. Every decision she makes is based on how her team can work together, have fun, and deliver a high quality, purposeful product, to each client.

Eli Acevedo


Senior IT & Business Consultant

IT Wizard

Nathan believes every day is a new opportunity to live, work and stay competitive. The possibilities of the day are endless and there’s always someone who will work harder than you.

A graduate of Texas A&M University, he is all about tradition. He loves God, Football, and Family. His friends and family would describe his as a humble fighter with a genuine heart. His design aesthetic is inspired by what is current and modern but he also does his best to stay ahead of the trends.

Nathan loves the smell of bacon and fresh laundry and he thinks city views are boring. True beauty lies in the land and country.


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Suite 501
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