Most of the time the client already has an idea that they want turned on. We help them with that. Other times we provide the idea and that turns our clients on. And sometimes the client has an idea that is already on, but they want it to be designed better, made brighter, more impactful. We do that too.

At the hub, the message or “medium” is transformed by our creative team into relevant formats such as audio, photos, videos, animations, graphics, etc., with the one and only purpose being to connect with the appropriate audience through the power of their own story.


Sprocket Media Hub is a multi-medium system, where questions and answers are the fuel that turns the system on. Once the system is revved up, it transforms your dreams organically into an idea and your idea into a message. Now, your message is ready to engage all mediums, connecting with your audience and creating strong customer relationships.



We will ask many questions to get your cogs turning.
Let’s have a conversation. Getting to know you and gaining a sample understanding of your desired audience, will help us get the right insights to start your project. This will let us know how many gears we will need to align in order to get your message in motion and set it in the right direction.

It starts with us
What moves you?
What inspires you?
What is your passion?
What engages you?
What motivates you and your clients?

From this, comes Uncovery™, Idea Design, Scripting, Storyboards, Location Scouting, Casting, Production Coordination, Travel Arrangements, and Budget Planning. We will then assign a Project Manager who will provide acute attention to your brand message and guide your every turn.

Video Production



The machine is on, let’s grab the helm.
Once our gears have been integrated, the production machine is now moving. This is where we increase the power of your message by using our tools and expertise to joyously capture the light, images, sounds, and most importantly the energy of the environment. In short, your message is coming to life in our lenses and on our screens and taking on a life of it’s own. We sometimes follow where the story takes us or guide it back when it goes off the path.
Video Post-production



We amplify.
Many would say this is the end of the project, but at Sprocket we believe that this is where your goal gains momentum. Our Video Editors and Graphic Animation team adds timing, rhythm, fine-tuning, positioning and alignment to the the footage. We are embellishing the fruits of a well-executed photo or cinematic shoot. Here, we increase the meaning and power behind your message by making it more delectable.
Video Production & Photography



This is where we bring depth, light and focus to the objective.
We bring your message to life with our lights and cameras but for us, the gear is not the most important part of telling your story or capturing your message. We believe the heart and soul of the story is in front of the lens, not the lens itself.

For our collaborator friends out there, we do invest in high quality DSLR cameras, lighting systems, steadicams, and drones. We also offer in-house studio and sound booth capabilities. For bigger projects, we have access to full gaff trucks with sound and lighting crew.

Come by any time for a tour of our facility!

Graphic Design and Animation



We transform insight into moving design.
The insight gained may lead us directly to the Sprocket Graphic Animation Department. Sometimes, we need to create a custom machine with it’s own language, that is perfectly calibrated and finely tuned to the message and the energy of the audience. Simply stated, we create something from nothing.

We offer 2D, 3D, Kinetic Graphics and Photos. Sprocket medium Animatics have garnered many awards and are a highly requested offering from our team.

When it comes to print and design, capturing objectives and goals into one image may sound impossible, but our creative team has the framework to turn it into reality. Since we have come to know you at every turn, we can create content in context. Our Design and Layout team can provide your project with an in-depth Creative Guide, ensuring that your Logo, Photos, Annual Reports, Flyers, and Brochures are in direct relationship with your objective, transforming them into purpose-driven assets.




We transform powerless transactional messages into a powerful engaging relationship with your customers.
Culturing a market is a sustainable approach to building a long-term win-win-win business. Culturing is not marketing, nor advertising. Culturing a brand is a full market design that strives to organically attract cultures of customers to your brand experience. When total brand symbiosis is achieved then you no longer need to advertise and provide random discount promotions and offers.

Our ultimate goal is to ferment your message, your vision and your idea so as to attract the right market, so that the market will embrace, share and grow your concept within its culture and become your unpaid advocates.

Web Design amd Development



We turn on the global environment.
Here is where we transform our collaborative insight of your company and engage the World Wide Web. Your website should provide a strong first impression of your company and connect needs with solutions.

Digital Marketing is inherently reactive to an ever-changing market of mostly disloyal customers. Sprocket, on the other hand, moves forward with a pro-active approach, that allows us to create an online presence that attracts loyal customers who not only promote you, but also offer cultivated feedback

Alejandro Maya


CEO & New Business

As he stared up at the Michelangelo in Capilla 16 of the Sistine Chapel Alejandro realized that this depiction of God and Man was more than just art. It is life and life is all about relationships.

As Owner and CEO of Sprocket, his mission is to create relationships . By connecting creative people, he formed his team. With his team, he connects client needs with solutions. The solution, connects communities to culture. He works hard to instill values in his team to always do the right thing, not to cut corners, and to always go above and beyond the client’s needs.

As a husband and father of three, his relationships with his family are of utmost importance. He enjoys reading, learning, teaching, and listening. He loves the way the light hits his wife in the morning from the window in their bedroom. And he loves a full moon.

Jorge Conde


Senior Partner & Director of Design

Creative Lead
“I could never work in a non-creative environment.” Jorge’s design aesthetic is vast, spanning, from a WWII German Poster Maker to Italian and Japanese Designers. In another lifetime, he might have been an architect and is inspired by architecture like that of Legoreta. One day, he believes, the world will celebrate the unknown designers and creative thinkers, instead of athletes and pop stars.

If you’ve ever had a meeting with Jorge, there’s a good chance there’s a beautiful hand drawing of your vision in the many pages of his sketchbooks.

Jorge loves good music, delicious food, great art, travelling and says all of those things make up his beautiful wife, Sonia.

Jane Doe


Office Administrator

Administrative Conveyor
Patty Peña is the newest addition to the Sprocket Team. She has worked in the creative industry for over ___ years. Her favorite thing about working in a creative environment is watching a project evolve from an idea into something that the clients will love to share with others. Patty takes pride in keeping the office organized and following procedures to the “T.”

When she’s not at Sprocket she loves traveling, running, spending time with her daughter, and baking beautiful cakes. She loves to take time with every detail of decorating the perfect cake for every special occasion. Patty is a great new asset to the Sprocket team and we are happy to have her!

Nathan Alvarado


Production Director and Video Editor

First Gear
Rock star by day and by night, he has the voice to get things done. Nathan has been leading the Sprocket team for almost 20 years. He believes in very clear communication and that spills over into his technique as a Camera Man in the field and his point of view as a Video Editor. In the purity of the message lies the true impact.

Nathan likes the unexpected journey of every day life. He takes part in the simple joys of spending time with his wife Yaresi and their pets, as well as being the lead singer in multiple bands. He enjoys waking up late, eating breakfast and the anticipation of an open day.

Letty Romero


Senior Marketing Strategist

Design Machin
Nathan Aguilar


Senior IT & Business Consultant

IT Wizard


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