“Only knowing where we come from, can we define who we are and where we are going.”

Our Identity

As an organization we recognize that step one in our approach is knowing and understanding who our client is, what they want, and to whom they want to communicate their message. We cannot help anyone without getting to know them first.

Communication Symbol

It is in this basic process, where the interpretation of the meaning of our new logo resides.

The look of our logo derives its resemblance from the Mexican speech scrolls. These scrolls are what our ancestors used to symbolize messages or speech content. These symbols were used by many cultures and through time they have evolved from simple drawings to complex hieroglyphics. From then into present day, we can see them in books, cartoons and many other types of speech communication illustrations.


Our logo is made up of three “speech-scrolls” in a form of a sprocket intertwined together. This turning cycle shape represents the infinite and divine power of the communication process.

Each piece of the logo symbolizes a basic part of the communication process.


The first symbolizes the message, which is what we call the medium, the concept, or idea.


The second symbolizes the transmitter, the sender or communicator who is the person who initiates the process.


The third symbolizes the receiver or interpreter, the person to whom the message is directed and who provides the feedback.

Sprocket Media Hub

In this process as each part engages and transforms it creates the most powerful and essential process of communication, which is exactly what makes us human and differentiates us from the rest of the animals on earth.

When all the gears are turning in integrated synchronicity, with power, and at peak efficiency, ideas, concepts, even business transformation happens.
Turn to us.

Sprocket Media Hub Logo


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